The power of company core values

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    by Danny Edmonds

Innovative and Trustworthy

At Prowired we have always wanted to be different, innovative, and trustworthy with everyone that works with the business.

Throughout my working career I have been very lucky to have worked with many great people. Everyone I have ever worked for have always shown me the respect that anyone deserves, and I have always thought to myself one day I will do the same, increase morale, support the employees and be a company people want to work at and be appreciated.

At the end of the day a company is only as good as their employees, and they are only as good as the support and guidance given to them by their employer. I’m aware there is a stigma in the working world that if you work for a company, you are simply just a number! However, I completely disagree with this mentality within the workplace, and it doesn’t have to be like that at all – it should be a two-way relationship and should work for both parties.

One thing I will say over the years I have directed Prowired Electrical, it isn’t easy! It involves a huge amount of emotional and financial investment to run a growing business in today’s climate. There is a new challenge we face every day and if I am honest nothing surprises me anymore!

Company Culture

A saying used very often is “people deal with people” and it couldn’t be truer.

One of my visions and structure I wanted to put into place was our recruitment process and the company culture. This is something I have learnt from reading many books, by listening to failures and working with our business coach Emerson Patton @ Bright Business Advice. We have been working with them for 22 months now and I wouldn’t look back, I have learnt the shear importance in building a team and how to be a leader and not a boss.

Our recruitment process is intense. It probably would scare some people, but this is the idea, it allows us to streamline who would be the right fit to work with the team. They work with the team more than me, so it is far more important that the team play a part in who chooses who works for us and not just the directors.

Our Core Values

Over the journey we have created our core values.

We have created these to show each member what they need to be and aspiring new employees how they can fit into the business seamlessly. It is so incredibly important that we are all on the same page.

If I am totally honest when employing people now, I look more into if they can meet and grow into our core values rather than what they can do. We can offer training to get them up to speed but their work ethic, perception and motivation is far more important than what their CV says.

We have made decisions recently to take on a couple of guys even though we didn’t have work lined up for them as we really believed they would fit in, and simply didn’t want to lose out on having these types of people in our team.  It was then our sales team’s job to push for more work, get the inquiries in and to secure jobs for the new members.

The Journey Continues

10 years ago, when Prowired started did I visualise this, yes, I did, and I have worked my socks off to get to where we are today.

However, I’ll be honest, we are not perfect, we have a long way to go, and we have some big plans coming up. But we will never stop pushing the boundaries and always strive to be better.

Without the team we have brought together it wouldn’t be possible. The guys and girls of the business are awesome, they are all great individuals and have the utmost respect for them. Our core values are the lifeblood of our business and the more people we get to buy into it and believe it only allows Prowired to become stronger. The sheer power of implementing our core values is second to none. Full respect to all current members of the team!


-Danny Edmonds