Solar Panels and Battery Storage Installation

Solar Panel and Battery Storage

Solar installations can be categorised into three main types based on their location: In roof, on roof and ground mount systems. In roof installations integrate solar panels seamlessly into the roof structure generally on new build properties, on roof installations mount solar panels on the top of existing roofs, and ground mounted installations position solar panels on the ground, allowing for flexibility in placement and orientation. Regardless of the location and type of solar installation, you can incorporate a battery storage system to store excess energy generated from your solar panels when the sun isn’t shining. This combination of solar panels and energy storage is often referred to as the solar plus storage system.

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Integrated systems

Roof integrated solar has always been the best choice for refreshing and building a new roof or on any size of new build development sites. Roof integrated panels sit lower to the roof line, without brackets and racking on show and it looks like a seamlessly intended part of the roof. All problems with bird infestation are totally avoided with an in-roof system as it fits flush with the roof tiles.

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On roof systems

An on-roof solar system is typically installed directly onto the existing roof structure of a building, utilising the available space on the rooftop to harness solar energy. This eco-friendly technology is designed to seamlessly integrate with various roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, metal panels, or tiles, depending on the specific characteristics of the building. The installation process involves mounting solar panels onto the roof surface using specialised racking systems that ensure a secure and weather-resistant attachment. The orientation and tilt of the panels are optimised to capture maximum sunlight throughout the day, thereby maximising energy production. On-roof solar systems are versatile and adaptable, making them suitable for a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial structures, contributing to the widespread adoption of sustainable energy solutions.

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Ground mount systems

An on-ground mount system is a versatile solution that can be strategically fitted in various locations to meet specific needs. Typically designed for stability and ease of installation, these systems find applications in diverse environments. They are commonly employed in residential settings, where homeowners can install them in open spaces such as backyard gardens or rooftops. Additionally, on-ground mount systems are well-suited for commercial and industrial installations, providing a reliable foundation for solar panels in parking lots, open fields, or even on unused parcels of land. Their adaptability makes them ideal for optimising solar energy capture across different landscapes, contributing to sustainable energy initiatives in both urban and rural areas. The flexibility of on-ground mounts ensures efficient solar panel placement, allowing for optimal sunlight exposure and ease of maintenance, making them a practical choice for a wide range of solar energy projects.

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Battery storage systems

Incorporating a battery into your solar installation offers numerous benefits. It enables you to store excess solar energy for use during low sunlight periods, ensuring a more reliable power supply and reducing dependence on the grid. This promotes energy independence, providing a backup power solution during outages. Financially, a battery allows you to capitalise on time-of-use pricing, potentially lowering overall energy expenses. Moreover, environmental benefits include a reduced carbon footprint and active participation in a more sustainable energy landscape. Overall, a battery enhances efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in your energy system.

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Why choose a MCS accredited approved installer?

MCS is a mark of quality which demonstrates adherence to recognised industry standards; highlighting quality, competency and compliance.

Therefore by choosing us you can have peace of mind that we will be able to complete your PV or battery storage installations to the highest of standards.

As an MCS installer we are required to assess your energy needs before proposing a new renewable energy system, to ensure that it is right for your home. This assessment should consider the size (and therefore, cost) of the system you will need and for electricity, how your energy needs fluctuate throughout the day and over the year.

Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint and/or save money on your heating and electricity bills, we will make sure your renewable energy system is designed for maximum efficiency and longevity.

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