Site Accommodation Setup

As part of our project work across our sectors we cover the fundamentals of any site.

A temporary site setup is always needed to provide the workers with the adequate facilities this can include:

  • Toilets
  • Canteen
  • Site offices
  • Silo power
  • 110 volt power
  • Lighting and floodlighting

We help our clients organise a temporary builders supply (TBS) so we can run the temporary electrical installation.

If we can not obtain a TBS we assist the client with advising them on the correct type of generator needed. A temporary site setup consists of a distribution board in a waterproof kiosk with steel wired armoured cabling run to the cabins and any specific site equipment needed. These installations would be tested on completion and then again tested every 6 months to prove they are still in safe and sound. Construction sites can be a very dangerous place so care is always taken where cables routed to ensure any downtime to site is kept to a minimum.

When starting a new site, temporary electrical installations are a must to get the site team off to a good productive start.

We can provide all types of installations from a fuse board to get an electric meter connected to a full 3 phase installation which could accommodate silos, pumps, site offices and lighting around site.

These works are for various developers at the initial stage on site. They normally require a canteen, toilet, silo, drying room and some storage facilities. These are normally being feed from a three phase builders supply or a on site temporary generator until the builders supply is available.