Door Entry Systems / TV

Installing a door entry system is becoming a common method of providing security to domestic properties.

These systems provide safe and secure access to buildings, removing the need for a key. A door entry system can have a variety of features incorporated inside from keypads on entrances and exits to camera detection. We have taken a lot of time to consider our partners so we can offer the best service, advice and most cost effective products on the current market for both domestic and commercial use.

Increases security – The first and foremost benefit of a video door entry system is the added security, as it allows you to view the person at your door. Elderly people or people living on their own, in blocks of flats or even in houses and bungalows, find they feel more confident answering the door if they can see who it is first.

Home security – Video door entry systems can also have the same effect as burglar alarms and security cameras to deter potential burglars. Anyone that approaches your residential or commercial doors will be able to be identified straight away, definitely a bonus security measure worth having.

Lower insurance premiums – Installing video door entry systems is also seen as an investment, insurance companies favour extra security and can save you money in the long run.

Ease of Use – One great feature on most video door entry systems now have a app feature to allow you to view it on your phone. This is perfect convenience for people whom may be disabled or elderly to be able to allow people into their home without having to leave their chair. This feature is also useful for businesses – you will be able to give people entry when you’re not on the premises or to allow people into a reception area like delivery drivers or clients.

If you are interested in video door entry systems and would like to find out more please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.