Distribution Systems

Distribution System Installers

In all the sectors we work in we provide distribution systems from a single phase domestic consumer unit to a large panel board systems. All systems we install are correctly designed so that the end user is not effected. We work very closely with developers and the network providers to ensure the work undertake is to the network providers specification and would welcome regular meetings to ensure they are happy to proceed with final connection. All cabling undertaken are supported from adequate containment so that the route of large cables are supported through length of run.

The importance of the correct electric design is to be aware of overloads, short circuits, under voltages. These are just some of the conditions that may occur in a buildings operational life. Isolating or rectifying faults is necessary, otherwise they could have damaging effect on the building as well as the grid system.

All of our engineers are competent and aware of the importance that all the correct connections have been made mechanically safe and sound. This is something we take great pride in as this is the heart of any electrical installation.

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