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Electrical Containment Systems

There are many options of electrical containment systems. The aim for any containment system installed is to organise and store cables within an installation and to provide easy maintenance access if needed.

When deciding on the correct containment system to use there are various things which we consider including fixings, weight and physical size. Following this in the designing phase there is careful consideration depending on the location and environment of the containment system, this covers the temperature, number of cables, grouping factors and adequate fixings.

Types of cable containment

  • Cable Tray
  • Basket
  • Trunking (Metal)
  • Mini Trunking (Plastic)
  • Dado Trunking
  • Conduit systems (Flexible, Metal and plastic)

The choice of containment is normally controlled by the quantity of cable to be carried. In accordance with the requirements of the IEE wiring regulations, the spacing factor of trunking occupied should not exceed 45% of the cross sectional area of any section.

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