Car Charging Point Installation

We cover installation across domestic, commercial, workplace and new build.

Plug in for a greener future...

With the latest technology, increased distance on single charges and grants available to consider, electric is the cheaper, greener and smarter move. Here at Prowired we are able to guide and support you with your vehicle point installation.

There are many electric cars and vans becoming more available on the market accompanied with a wide variety of chargers with different features, this is where we will be able to advise you on which one to choose to suit you and your new vehicle best.

We are approved installers for Rolec EV, Zappi, Project EV, EO and Andersen.

We believe that by becoming an approved installer of all of the above we can offer you our clients the best car charger for each individual installation to suit every budget and requirement.

Every installation is unique therefore we take great care when scoping any EV Charger installation to provide the best solution and service.


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What are the benefits of charging your car at home?

Home charging is convenient and safer

First and foremost the convenience of being able to plug in at home means you don’t have to worry about finding a station to charge up. You can wake up to a full battery and drive without any range anxiety.

In addition to this being able to charge at the safety of your own home means you wont have to leave you car in a public charging station which can sometimes be deserted places, exposing your car to the risks of vandalism or theft.

It’s cheaper and more predictable

Charging your electric vehicle at home is less expensive because you do not have the overhead that public charging stations have. You can also make it cheaper by choosing to charge your vehicle in off-peak periods like overnight or at weekends.

You could even go further by setting up solar panels or battery storage to make and store your electricity. As it is a lot cheaper to run solar panels than to charge from the grid!

Apart from the savings this can also ensure you are using only clean energy to charge your electric vehicles.

Home charging is better for your battery health

While public chargers may be faster, they do more damage to your battery than home charging. The damage comes from how rapid charging can raise the temperature of your battery. To delay battery degradation as much as possible, it’s important to try and use home chargers as much as you can when possible.

Home chargers last

Since quality home charging stations are durable, you will use them for a long time. They are also compatible with many different car brands, which means you can replace your electric vehicle without changing your home charging station.

Home chargers can increase the value of your property

Property owners have discovered electric vehicle owners are always more keen for properties that have home chargers already installed. This preference allows them to sell or rent out faster and even charge more for their property.

It is clear that charging you car at home is convenient, can save you money, is better for your battery, and can even help your property to appreciate in value. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to make an enquiry.

OLEV Approved Installers

As we are OLEV approved car charger installers it enables us to offer the Workplace Charging scheme. This scheme allows us to claim a grant amount on your behalf of 75% of the total cost of your installation (which is maximised at £350 per socket and 40 sockets per single business).

Workplace Car Charging

Providing electric vehicle charging points in the workplace is an environmentally sound decision that will satisfy these requirements and prepare your business for the expansion of the electric vehicle market. Installing EV charge points will put your business ahead of any pressurised transition period and in front of the curve of demand all whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Other benefits include…

  • Being able to offer EV Charging to your employees which also helps in employee attraction and retention
  • Reducing employee ‘benefit in kind’ tax for company cars
  • Reduces employee fuel costs
  • Reduces C02 emissions and to reach sustainability goals


Operating and using charging points in the workplace couldn’t be easier!

Vend Electric Provides the perfect back office platform for businesses and organisations

The platform is a unique electric vehicle charging platform providing businesses and organisations the gateway to deploy and self manage their very own EV charging network, without incurring significant costs associated with developing a back-office, phone app and secure payment/management platform.


  • Charge point Management System
  • Manage singular and multiple charging points via your very own charging network
  • Customisable tariffs with pay-to-charge, free-to-charge & BiK options
  • Ideal for all businesses adapting to the current EV demand
  • Fleet management solutions
  • Future-proof & scalable software

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