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Exemplary Service Delivered

Since launching in 2012, Prowired has established itself as the leading provider of cutting-edge solar installations across Kent. Accredited with the highest industry standards, our services are a byword for quality and precision.

Tailored Solutions for Homes and Businesses
Our bespoke renewable energy solutions are celebrated by a plethora of five-star reviews on Google and Trustpilot. Prowired excels in equipping both domestic and commercial properties with solar systems designed for optimal performance and enduring sustainability.

Championing Eco-Friendly Innovation
As the foremost installer of refined solar and battery systems in Kent, we are renowned for our award-winning design and impeccable installation service. Our ethos is rooted in delivering customer satisfaction and championing environmentally conscious practices.

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Prowired specialises in state-of-the-art solar panels and battery storage systems for both domestic and commercial settings. We take a consultative approach to significantly reduce your energy bills.

Expect only the finest quality products and speedy installation services for a seamless transition to clean energy.

Tailored designs are available for expansive properties, and we also offer ground-mounted solar options where roof fitting isn’t feasible.

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Unlocking Solar Power

How Your Panels Harness the Sun's Energy

Solar panels, or photovoltaic (PV) panels, harness sunlight to produce electricity. These panels are comprised of numerous solar cells, which are made from semiconducting materials like silicon. Exposure to sunlight activates electrons within these cells, generating an electric current. This generated direct current (DC) is transformed into alternating current (AC) through the use of an inverter, making it usable for homes and businesses. In addition to this if you are producing more energy than you are currently using a battery is a great option. By storing the excess energy generated by your solar panels during periods of sunlight, it allows users to use their stored energy during times when the sun is not shining, providing a reliable and sustainable power source.

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Cut Down on Energy Bills

With Prowired’s solar technology, high energy bills will be a thing of the past. Harness the power of the sun and enjoy lower energy costs, keeping your hard-earned money where it belongs – with you.

Embrace Energy Independence

With Prowired’s state-of-the-art battery storage systems, gain a new level of self-sufficiency. Relish the assurance that your home remains powered, even during outages, fortifying your energy resilience.

Minimise Your Carbon Footprint

Commit to a sustainable future with Prowired. Our renewable solutions significantly reduce carbon emissions, allowing you to contribute to a healthier planet with every photon converted.

Secure a Return on Your Investment

Prowired ensures that your investment in solar technology yields tangible returns. Relish the financial benefits as your system deftly converts sunlight into measurable savings, accruing value with each unit of electricity you feed back to the grid.

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Enhance Your Property’s Value

Investing in Prowired solar panels not only secures renewable energy for your home but also bolsters its market value. Our top-notch solar solutions serve as an attractive feature, promising long-term benefits.

The importance of choosing an accredited approved installer

  • Quality assured
  • Compliance with the regulations
  • Product knowledge
  • Warranty support
  • Insurance coverage
  • Training and certification
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
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The only guide you will need to be making the right choice

Download your FREE guide on solar and battery storage to empower you with valuable information, fostering a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to energy consumption while helping you make an informed decision on your investment and harnessing renewable energy for a more resilient and cost effect future.


Yes, solar panels can generate electricity even during winter or on cloudy days, though the efficiency might be lower compared to sunny days.

Solar PV systems require minimal maintenance, usually just occasional cleaning of the panels and an annual check by a professional to ensure everything is functioning correctly

The installation typically takes a few days, depending on the size and complexity of the system.

Yes, Installing solar panels can enhance your property value… 'Government studies show improving the Energy Performance Certificate rating means homeowners can add as much as 14% to the value of homes. Renewable energy sources, such as solar, are one of the ways to improve EPC to power homes.

The payback period for solar panels varies, influenced by your electricity usage efficiency, the initial cost of installation, any earnings from surplus energy via the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), and whether you've integrated battery storage. Essentially, the more you use the solar energy produced, the quicker you'll see savings on your energy bills, leading to a faster payback time.