March 2023 Update

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    by Danny Edmonds

Lorry Park Lighting

Recently, we completed a project for a well-known distribution company in Sittingbourne, where we installed new lighting in their lorry park. The project involved designing and installing energy-efficient LED lighting to improve visibility and safety within the lorry park area while minimising the company’s energy costs. Once the installation was complete, we conducted thorough testing and commissioning to ensure that the lighting system was functioning correctly and to the client’s satisfaction.


Demelza Office Refit

We are currently working on a project to re-fit the office at Demelza’s main office. The project involves upgrading the existing electrical infrastructure by installing Dado trunking, Data Cabling, New power supplies and upgraded lighting. The upgraded infrastructure will enhance the functionality and efficiency of the office while providing a more comfortable working environment for the staff.

Northfleet Solar Installation

We are pleased to have assisted our partner solar company in the installation of cable containment for the securing of the DC strings from the solar panels to the inverters in Northfleet. The project involved installing cable trays and conduits to protect the cabling from environmental factors such as UV radiation and water ingress. The cable containment ensures the efficient and safe functioning of the solar panels and inverters.

Industrial Unit Fit-Out

We recently completed an industrial unit fit-out project that required us to install a new distribution board, small power, and lighting. Our primary objective was to provide a reliable and efficient power supply for the unit, which we achieved by carefully selecting and installing circuit breakers, RCDs, and surge protectors. We also installed small power outlets and lighting fixtures to enhance the unit’s functionality while providing a safe working environment for the new owners.