News Update March 2022

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    by Danny Edmonds

Car charger installs following the close of the grant

Following the government’s recent decision terminate the electric vehicle homecharge scheme we have seen an increase in home owners looking to claim against the grant prior to its termination. We have carried out multiple installations of car chargers recently which has helped all of our engineers to strengthen their knowledge with regards to car chargers and their installation.

Electric under-tile heating install

We recently carried out the installation of 2 under-tile heating systems to a kitchen and a dining room. Under floor heating is a highly cost effective way of heating your home and here at Prowired we have seen a higher demand for these installations recently. We see this as an opportunity for those who have not yet been exposed to the installation of underfloor heating or have had a very limited experience with regards to underfloor heating to learn more about the installation and the benefits it has. We look forward to carrying out more of these installations in the future!

Emergency assistance alarm install

We have been carrying out various works at a centre which cares for those with a various range of conditions. One installation we were asked to carry out was an emergency assistance alarm. We discussed with the client what their specific needs were and ensured we did everything in our power to meet these needs. We are pleased to say we carried out the install and our customer was fully satisfied with our works, well done team!