News Update February 2022

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    by Danny Edmonds

Powervault course

This month at Prowired, both our project manager and one of our directors attended a Powervault course! Powervault products allow you to store excess solar power and any other form on low-cost electricity meaning you can run your home more cost effectively. It is important that everyone within the organisation is aware of new products and services at all times as there may be a product we come across that we feel would be a valuable service to offer our customers. We found the course both interesting and informative and were grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the product.

FloodLighting upgrade in Lordswood

Recently at Prowired, we were requested to change some existing floodlights with some LED floodlights along with installing an extra two light fittings. These light fittings had not been serviced or repaired in a long time and therefore our customer requested that we replace them altogether. We proposed that the light fittings had photocell sensors which would be on dusk to dawn control to ensure they met the direct requirements of our customer and to ensure they got the maximum benefit from their new light fittings.

Solar Removal

Although there has been an increase of solar panel being installed recently, we received an enquiry requesting that we dismantle some solar panels. We wanted one of our electricians to gain experience with regards to solar and so assigned him to carry this out along with one of our most qualified engineers. This was to ensure he was gaining knowledge and experience with regards to solar and to ensure that he would feel more comfortable with regards to solar works.