ECN July 2022 - EV Special

A Prowired perspective on the EV charging industry.

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    by Danny Edmonds

Increase in demand for EV Chargers

Having installed many charge points over the years, Prowired has found that as it continues to grow as a business, and with demand for projects in all other areas accelerating exponentially this year, the company has also seen a substantial increase in interest in vehicle charge points.

Prowired says that this, coupled with the latest requirement for new build properties to have an EV charger installed during construction, has driven the company to make changes to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction throughout the process. The company decided it was worth getting together to figure out what issues it may be experiencing and what could be done as a team to ensure its client base is encouraged to remain interested in EV charging alongside renewable energy, whilst ensuring they maintain receipt of the best possible product at the best possible value.

With demand for electric vehicles being greater than the abundance of materials required to build them – which in turn is inflating costs – remaining committed to the roll out of renewable and clean energy is of high importance throughout Prowired’s ethic. The company says it believes that electric vehicles are the future, and simply being a small part of the bigger picture gives great satisfaction when designing and installing these products.

Remaining competitive has, of course, been no easy task, given the recent price increases in construction materials in amongst a cost-of-living crisis impacting much of the UK at this time. However, this also illustrates the importance of going the extra mile to combat these rising costs and to create and maintain relationships with the wholesalers and preferred manufacturers.


After seeing costs of materials increasing by as much as 50% on some products since the beginning of the year, Prowired has had to remain focused as a company to ensure it is sourcing the right products and quantities for each individual project. Gone are the days of overestimating cables and parts just in case you run into issues – the only way to survive as a business in the current market is a meticulously planned and run project, treating all with equal respect.

With copper and metal prices fluctuating daily, it has been vital to the company’s clients that it has been able build a team dedicated to cutting costs without sacrificing quality. Maintaining good relationships with its suppliers and ensuring it consistently utilises its buying power to its full potential is a win for all parties involved in the process of charge point installation.


Prowired has seen huge progress made by its preferred EV charge point manufacturers in recent years, with the advent of O-PEN technology from Rolec eliminating the need for costly and intrusive earth rod installation in most instances. Also, advances in compatibility with battery storage and solar PV installations from Zappi and even EV Ultra cable from Doncaster Cables have proven to reduce the cost of installation during this time of economic uncertainty.

All of these advances have a huge impact on affordability and efficacy when it comes to design centred around ensuring the client maximises the full potential of any installation. Keeping an eye on new products entering the market and training on how to implement them on site is key to the success of the EV charger rollout across the UK and beyond.

– Zak Jennings, Estimator at Prowired Electrical