Collingwood Lighting: Let There be Light

Top tips on how to create a welcome boost of warmth and light in your installations, using downlights and other lights from the Collingwood range to help you get the best from your designs.

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    by Danny Edmonds


Where to place downlights? Downlights have the advantage of being very versatile, but they’re often not used to their full potential. Collingwood’s downlight range has the solution for every environment, but how do you decide where to put them?

1. For ambient lighting, try using lights with wide beam angles as they can be spaced further apart, creating a more subtle and cosy atmosphere.

2. To create the illusion of space and prevent a ‘boxed-in’ feeling after weeks of long, dark nights, try bouncing lights off the walls in tight corridors and small rooms by aiming directional spot lights directly at the walls.

3. Task lighting is even more important now that it starts to get dark earlier. A downlight provides the ideal practical light needed to perform tasks when placed above worktops, desks and dressing tables. Adjustable lights, such as the H4 Pro 700 T, allow the light to be aimed more precisely when needed.

4. Downlights can be used to light mirrors to provide flattering and decorative light. Set lights over the outer edge or central to counters and vanity units. Avoid setting them too far from the mirror to prevent harsh shadows and unflattering reflections.

5. Downlights aren’t just restricted to ceilings – they can be used in niches to light shelves, showers and fireplaces to bring light to every corner of the home.

Coloured Lighting

Colour change lighting could be the ideal solution to give you and your installation a much-needed pick-me-up. Inject colour into every corner of a home or commercial setting using our RGBW range.

1. In the living room set colour change downlights or ground lights close to walls to create a wash of light. Our RGBW control system allows the colour to easily be changed to suit any taste and décor.

2. In the kitchen, RGBW strip lights under wall-mounted cupboards help to illuminate a worktop and can add an attractive dash of colour when they’re not in use.

3. Colour change lighting can add excitement to any meal time or dinner party for added ‘wow’ factor. It can even be set to match the dining table or the food being served. Position it in coving around the room for maximum effect.

4. Colour change is also a big hit with children and injects a splash of fun into their bedrooms and playrooms, allowing them to choose a new colour every day and keeping the cabin fever at bay for a little while longer.

Garden Lighting

Whether adding a few spike lights, ground lights and wall lights, or opting for a full colour changing ensemble, well-placed lights outside will help you make the most of the late summer evenings and dark nights throughout the winter.

Whether you know exactly what sort of lighting you want or if you’re still unsure how to design your scheme the Prowired team are on hand to help. Our partnership with Collingwood means we can ensure you get the best possible lighting designs to showcase your home and give it the exact feel and ambience you desire.