August 2023 Update

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    by Danny Edmonds

MVHR, EV Charging & Electric Heating for 38 Flats in Orpington, Kent

We’ve secured a contract for electrical work in a project that involves 38 flats. This is a significant venture with various challenges, including communal containment, MVHR, electric heating, and EV charging. It’s all hands on deck as we dive into this dynamic project.

Danny and Nathan Go Vlogging!

We’re excited to introduce you to a fresh and exciting addition to our Prowired journey – Danny and Nathan are diving into the world of vlogging!

We’ll be giving you regular insights into the projects we’re working on and how our team manages the complex range of tasks they involve. We’ll also be showing you the people behind Prowired that ensure we maintain the highest standards in every job we complete.

Employee of the Month: Caitlin Griffin

Congratulations to Caitlin Griffin our Employee of the Month! Caitlin has been an absolute star, stepping up and making a remarkable impact. Her dedication, proactive approach, and unwavering commitment have not gone unnoticed. Caitlin, your hard work truly embodies our core values, and we are incredibly grateful to have you as part of our team.