News Update April 2022

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    by Danny Edmonds

New training cabins

We recently carried out an installation in Gravesend which required us to connect 6 cabins via a new kiosk. There were multiple things we needed to consider with regards to this installation including the capacity of each existing supply and electric heating. As there was no capacity available for electric heating, another source of heating was required. Considering all of these conditions, we were successfully able to carry out the installation without any issues.

Garden Lighting Upgrade

We recently had an enquiry for a garden lighting upgrade in Surrey. We found the Collingwood spike lights were perfect to fit their needs, as well as being cost effective. They provided adequate lighting to their garden as well as having a sleek design which then linked to a smart home Lutron system which we also installed which allowed them to control their garden lighting from within the comfort of their home. Another great install by the team!

New Meeting Room – Lighting Installation

Some more progress has been made in our new meeting room with the lighting installation! Now we have installed Akupanels to the ceiling, we were able to install the lights which were being fixed to the ceiling. A big thank you to Collingwood and Kew Electrical for helping us to obtain the lights we require, you have both been a tremendous help throughout this process! Our next step is to move on with the flooring so we can install our ground floor lights.