About Us

Investing in Technology

Here at Prowired we believe it is vital to be investing in the best technology.

The importance of tech allows the business and all operations within to run smoothly and efficiently at all times.

Below is a quick breakdown of how we’ve integrated Arkflux, simPRO and our Prowired APP…

All potential leads firstly go into Arkflux, these leads are then moved down funnels which then get moved into simPRO to be quoted.

From simPRO the wholesalers purchase orders are then sent to suppliers.

Our engineers then use our Prowired APP to report the progress on jobs which then gets imported back into simPRO, which allows our customer care team and project managers full access to all information on the specific job.

Our bespoke Prowired App allows our engineers to have efficient clear communication with our office team

Our electricians use our Prowired app to communicate information relating to the project they are currently working on. The app is also able to automatically transfer any information from the app over to our project management software simPRO for our customer care team and project managers to action if needed.

The app allows our engineers to sign of sheets for all stages of projects, reporting remedial issues, testing results for insulation’s carried out, time sheets for staff, site audit report to undertake any site notes and audits prior to starting any project.

SimPRO is a global leading provider of business management software for the trades and services industry.

SimPRO Mobile makes it easy for our field engineers to create jobs, track time, record job details and capture photos while in the field. This will enhance the customers experience and improve the efficiency of our field engineers with this cloud-based mobile app.

Arkflux allows us to improve our business with intelligent Customer Experience and Marketing

Through Arkflux we are able to create meaningful customer journeys that embrace and connect through all departments. We are able to build bespoke sales opportunity pipelines and task statuses so no opportunity is missed.  This allows us to increase the quality of our service as it reduces repeating manual tasks in the office giving us the time back and freedom to grow our business for an overall better client experience.