About Prowired

Why choose Prowired for your electrical installations

Founded In Early 2012

We have been working together for many years prior to Prowired and have a wealth of experience in the construction and electrical industries. Together, we have served a full time apprenticeship with very reputable companies in the industry. We have both been taught all correct procedures and practices throughout our careers, and know what it is needed to demonstrate these throughout the entire business from top to bottom.

We carefully choose the staff that work for us as the reputation we have gained through the years is incredibly valuable. All staff that work for us at Prowired are fully qualified or working towards the correct qualifications. If they need training, we provide them with correct development programmes to ensure competence is at the highest level.

Maintaining High Standards

Prowired Electrical is a well-respected company in the construction and electrical industry.

We always maintain a very high standard by constantly monitoring health and safety, workforce activity and on-going staff training. We believe by taking these items seriously it gives us the ability to help expand our business and form a strong working relationship with yourselves and our existing clients.

We cover the whole of Kent and Sussex and can accommodate all types of work asked of us. We work in all sectors in the industry from new build housing to full industrial installations.

We have a great team in the office to back up all of our engineers on site, providing them with the correct information to ensure they can complete all tasks safely and to a high standard.

The Future of Prowired Electrical

With a strong and loyal client base we aim to maintain our growth and become an industry leader in the electrical contracting sector, whilst still providing outstanding service and value to our clients and expanding workforce.

We believe it’s important to give back to the community and bridge the gap between the education system and the electrical industry, with our Prowired Academy we aim to inspire the next generation of electricians and to create the opportunity of valuable hands on experience with the support of our industries leading manufacturers.

Our Core Values

Our core values are more than just words, they embody the Prowired way of culture.

By executing these core values in our everyday roles within the business it allows us to thrive, which in turn means we can provide an impeccable service to our clients, old and new. We can take on new challenges as a team and overcome any obstacles that get in our way.

Our Prowired culture means we work hard on supporting and growing which has allowed us to create a strong bond within the team, clients, wholesalers and manufacturers across the industry.

Investing In Technology

At Prowired we believe it is vital to be investing in the best technology. The importance of tech allows the business and all operations within to run smoothly and efficiently at all times.

See how we have integrated Arkflux, simPRO and simPRO mobile into the business…

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